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Micro Secondary Program

Leveraging the Amplefields Fund for Small Transactions

Amplefields Investments is a leading investor in the secondary market, with a portfolio that includes successful private companies from across the high-tech sector.

Due to the financial strain created by the current war, on top of the global financial climate, Amplefields is taking steps to ease the constraints of this current situation on high-tech employees.

Now, Amplefields has launched the Micro Secondary Program: small-stakes liquidity for individuals.
It can be challenging to liquidate employee shares in small amounts. With Amplefields’ Micro Secondary, employees of Israeli or Israel-related unicorns (companies valued at $1B or more) can sell their shares, even in small stakes. This way, employees feeling the crunch because of military service, lack of childcare, or any of the various ripple effects of this war, can be compensated for their stock, even in small amounts (in coordination with company management).

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